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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Years ago, one of my users got the error: "Notes error: Special database object cannot be located" when trying to archive locally from her Lotus Notes. After I tried refreshing design template, views, emptying the trash with no success.

According to my old personal troubleshooting archive, I had read an article in the IBM forum, (the link is broken now) that said:
"In this case, the issue occurred when the Advance archiving setting "Log all archiving activity into the log database" was selected and the archive log template, ARCHLG50.NTF, was either corrupted or missing. The issue was resolved by unchecking the option, "Log all archiving activity into the log database" and by adding or replacing the ARCHLG50.NTF file on the workstation."

After reading this, it made a lot of sense to me. However, the Lotus Notes Archive log template was on my users machine and I needed to keep a log in the machine so disabling the archiving activity on the machine wouldn't be a solution. Thankfully, I found out the solution shortly! The Archive Log NSF file was corrupted and I just needed to recreate it.

How to recreate the archive log DB.

  • Open the advanced archive settings. (Open the Mail - Go to the "Actions" menu - Archive - Settings - Advanced.)

  • Change the name of the archive database to something else and save the settings. Ex. archive\l_NewDBName
  • Archive your mail database again. (Click on the Actions Menu - Archive - Archive Now)
Some companies lockdown those settings via Domino Policies and the options are grayed out. However, if you're not a Domino Admin who can edit the policies, you may need to remove the policies from the local client in order to resolve this issue. Take a look at my article on how to remove Domino Policies from a local  Lotus Notes client.


  1. Did not work at all, thanks though

  2. thanks! Worked for me IBM Notes 9.1 (win7 pro - 32bit)


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