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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Have you ever wondered how you change the font size on Lotus Notes? Then here's the answer!
On Lotus Notes 8.5 Standard (for both PC and Mac versions):
1- Go to File -> Preferences (on the Mac, Lotus Notes, preferences)

2- Then click on "Fonts" and change the font size from the dropdown box.

Changing the font size on Notes 8.5 Basic or earlier Notes versions (for both PCs and Macs)
In this case, it requires to specify the parameters on Notes configuration files. On the PC the file name is Notes.ini and it's located on the Notes installation folder (mostly found at C:\Notes\notes.ini). On a Mac computer the configuration file name is Notes preferences and it's located on/User/Library/Preferences/Notes preferences.
To do the changes, close the Notes client and open the above mentioned file with any text editor.
Add the following line at the end of any line.
Where "n" is a integer number.
Ex: Display_font_adjustment=4

Finally, save the configuration file and reopen the Notes client.

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  1. That worked great with Notes 7.0 running on Windows 10. THANKS!


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