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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Deleting Domino Policies from Local Lotus Notes Client

Some enterprises lock down Lotus Notes settings via Domino Policies and occasionally, while troubleshooting, you may find out that certain settings are grayed out. If you don't have Domino Administrator rights to edit the policies, it may become problematic and you may be forced to remove the policies from the local machine.

How to remove Domino Policies from a Lotus Notes client.
It is important to know that the policies on a local Lotus Notes Client installation are saved on the names.nsf database so if you happened to recreate the names.nsf you most likely removed the policies with it.

If you want to remove the policies manually:

  • Open the main address book on the machine that you want to remove the policy from. Normally this is names.nsf.
  • While holding the keys CTRL + Shift, click on the "Menu View - Go To..." Note: Holding CTRL + Shift will show you hidden views.

  • Scroll down and choose the view $Policies and click OK.

  • Select the policies you may want to remove (In my case, I deleted them all) and click on "Delete Person" or simply the key "Delete" on your keyboard. You may get a prompt after that which you can click Yes.

After that, your locked down settings will be open until the Notes client gets the policy updates from the Domino Server.

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  1. hi, just need to know that is there any automated process for all the users in the organization? as we have more than 1000 users in the organization.


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