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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh no! I have my nice Mac computer but don't have internet! Ah, hang on, I got a Blackberry too... What would Mcgiver do in this case? He would use the Blackberry as a modem to connect to the internet from his Mac. Well, though it sounds like a fictitious type of thing, this is possible. In the instructions below, Tips4Teks will show you how to accomplish this task.

A) Configure Bluetooth on Blackberry
1) Open “Manage Connections”
2) Click the checkbox next to “Bluetooth” to turn it on
3) Scroll down to “Bluetooth Options” and click to enter
4) Hit the Blackberry button (left of scroll ball) and choose “Options”
5) Make sure Discoverable is set to “Yes” and save changes

B) Pair Blackberry with Mac

1) Open System Preferences → Bluetooth
2)  Check “On”, “Discoverable”, and “Show Bluetooth status in menu bar”

3)    Click “Set Up New Device…” and click Continue on the next screen
4)    Bullet “Mobile Phone” and click Continue

5)    Choose your device from the list and click Continue

6)    At this point, you will need to either confirm a code or type it into the Blackberry; follow the onscreen instructions

7)    When asked to accept the incoming connection on BB screen, check “Don’t ask this again” and click Continue

8)    Check “Access the Internet…” and click Continue

9)    Fill in the settings for the device’s mobile carrier (see Appendix) and check “Show Modem status in menu bar”, then click Continue

Click Quit.
C) Configure Network Preferences & Connect

1)    Open System Preferences → Network

2)    Select Bluetooth

3)    Type #777 in the “Telephone Number” field, then click Apply

4)    Click “Connect” in the Modem dropdown in the menu bar

5)    Open a web browser and test the connection.


A)    Sprint
Phone Vendor:  Sprint
Phone Model:  PCS Vision
Telephone Number:  #777
Username:  none
Password:  none

B)    AT&T (**must have LaptopConnect feature added to account**)
Phone Vendor:  Option
Phone Model:  GSM
Telephone Number:  #777
Password:  CINGULAR1
APN:  wap.cingular


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